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The Joy of Square Dancing

If music moves you to get up and dance, join the thousands of Americans who have discovered that square dancing is an enjoyable way to get into shape.

Square dancing is a combination of rhythmic movements and dance steps that can improve and maintain cardiovascular and physical fitness. That’s why the American Heart Association supports square dancing as a lifelong activity.

Any exercise program should provide pleasure and enjoyment. Square dancing emphasizes fun and fitness rather than competition. As with any regular activity, there may be times when you’re not motivated to continue. Exercising with friends in a square dance club will help you maintain interest.

Some people say they can’t dance but if you can walk, you can square dance.

Participation is not limited by age, gender or shape so try it. A night of square dancing beats jogging past the pigeons in the park early in the morning or any time of the day.

  The Alabama Square and Round Dance Association supplies fun, entertainment and exercise to any age group through Square Dancing, Round Dancing and Line Dancing.
Since February 7, 1976

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